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International Ceramic Engineering has been part of many unique and complex ceramic projects

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Are you having issues with your current parts with WEAR, CHEMICAL EXPOSURE OR HIGH HEAT? or is your new design requiring attributes you can't achieve with metal?


At International Ceramic Engineering, we have years of experience, we have seen it all. We invite you into a thought exchange to see how ceramics or advanced plastics can change or enhance your parts which will change the way your product performs.

Starting with a thought exchange allows us to create and deliver high-quality, high-precision parts in custom geometries to meet your expectations because you have a better understanding of the process and outcome.


Start now by CALLING 800-779-3321

Custom Ceramic Components by ICE International Ceramic Engineering
Complex Geometries on ceramic parts at International Ceramic Engineering
Ceramic Hardness.jpg
Ceramics can be tougher than metal
Ceramic parts can be more durable than metal parts - find out how at International Ceramic Engineering ICE
Complex ceramic parts that are high hardness, wear resistance, compression strength, and electrical resistance – as well as minimal susceptibility to acids or caustics
laser etching on ceramics at International Ceramic Engineering
International Ceramics.jpg
Machined Green before & after at International Ceramic Engineering
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