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MACOR Plates, Bars and Rods

MACOR Plates, Bars & Rods at International Ceramic Engineering ICE

Macor has a continuous use temperature of 800°C and a a max temperature of 1000°C. Its coefficient of thermal expansion matches most metals and sealing glasses. It is non-wetting and has zero porosity. Macor is an excellent insulator at high voltage and various frequencies.

It can be conventionally machined to very tight tolerances. Applications for Macor include Ultra-High Vacuum Environments, Welding Nozzles, Fixtures, and is used in many industries including Aerospace, Nuclear, Semiconductor, Ion Implantation and Medical. When you need the performance of a technical ceramic and the rapid fabrication of a complicated shape, Macor will reduce the cost and reduce the time between design and production.

MACOR chart for International Ceramic Engineering ICE
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