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Alumina and Steatite Ceramic Standoffs

Alumina & Steatite Ceramic Standoffs at International Ceramics ICE
Alumina & steatite ceramic standoffs thread size engineered during green machined stage at International Ceramics ICE

International Ceramic Engineering manufactures Alumina & Steatite Standoffs as part of our standard product line. Alumina & Steatite Standoffs are very stable under high temperatures, as they have outstanding dielectric properties, chemical erosion resistance and high wear and abrasion resistance.

In addition they have excellent mechanical strength which make these components last a great deal longer than those made from non-ceramic materials. Our Alumina & Steatite Standoffs are economical and practical.

All dimensions listed are in inches. Outside diameter surfaces can be glazed or unglazed. All Insulators have radii on all corners. Custom sizes can be produced by request. Please call for price and delivery information.

Alumina Chart at International Ceramics ICE
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